27, chemin des Crêts de Pregny - 1218 Grand-Saconnex


 Life at the John Knox Center

All year round, the Center hosts a multitude of people and Organizations. A great diversity of cultures, ways of life and religions share this space. It is therefore essential to live in harmony with one another. We ask that you respect the house rules, which can be found below.

In case of problems, the Management can and will terminate the booking.
Being at your service, please accept our warmest greetings.


Code of Conduct

The essential word is RESPECT.

1. The use of any narcotic or other illicit substance, as well as the abuse of alcohol, will be cause for immediate expulsion from the John Knox Center.

2. It is forbidden to smoke in all the buildings.

3. Outside visitors must leave no later than 11 p.m. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight, though they are welcome to stay at the Center as registered guests, depending on the availability of rooms. Such guests must be checked in at the reception desk upon arrival. They will be expected to pay regular rates. Any person found breaching or assisting in breaching this rule may be asked to leave the Center.

4. Fraud will be reported to the authorities and may lead to prosecution.

5. The time between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. is designated as "quiet hours" (no laundry activities, no running and shouting, no loud talking, no loud playing of TV, radios, stereos, or computers, etc., no groups in the main lobby, no behavior disruptive to other guests).

6. Windows and door must be closed every time you leave your room.

7. Proper dress is required at all times in the public areas of the Center. Shoes must be worn, no hats and no pajamas in the cafeteria.

8. For picnicking, use the lounge on the lower level (the one equipped with refrigerators) and not the TV lounge provided for short-term guests nor the main lobby. It is your responsibility to share in the upkeep of the lounge by cleaning up any mess that you made and by discarding used food and beverage containers in the appropriate bin.

9. Cooking is not allowed in the lounge or in the rooms. No cooking device other than the micro-wave is allowed by the fire department. Violators are subject to expulsion.

10. Kitchen utensils and dishes from the John Knox kitchen are to be used solely in the cafeteria and are not under any circumstances to be removed from the cafeteria, nor taken to the rooms.

11. Window sills must not be used for storage of food or other items or for drying of clothes. Use the refrigerator in the downstairs lounge and the laundry room, respectively.

12. Cyclists must dismount and walk their bicycles when using the paths in front of the Center. They may ride their bikes when using the second parking entry. There are appropriate spaces for two-wheeler in the parking lot and behind the Grand Chalet (do not use your room or the corridor for this purpose).

13. Given the conference atmosphere of our Center, lying outdoors in a bathing suit is not acceptable on the front lawns. Check with the Front Desk for suitable places.

14. It is forbidden to play with the fire alarms. Any misuse will be charged on the spot to the responsible person or group (the Fire Department charges CHF 850 for responding to a false alarm).

The Management