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Since its creation, the John Knox Center has always organized seminars, encounters and training sessions. The books from the John Knox series show all the work that was done.

Through the years, many colloquiums have been organized around themes concerning the life and the witnessing of the churches, in particular the reformed churches. A few examples:

Two seminars on the relations between Christians and Muslims  (John Knox series n° 3 and 7)

A colloquium on human rights  (John Knox series n° 4)

A study on the confession of faith of the churches of the reformation  (John Knox series n° 5)

Study on the ministry of the deacons in the reformed churches ( Studies from the World Alliance of Reformed Churches  22)

The most recent initiative was an encounter on the history and the renewal of worship in the reformed tradition. The objective of this study was to have a historical overview of the reformed worship through the centuries, since the reformation. A first meeting enabled to make a draft. The second held in January 2001 gathered 25 liturgy experts. About 20 lectures where given in the light of which after discussions, the authors accepted to review their documents. A volume has been published.

In 1988, the Center chose as principal theme “Mission in unity”. Confronted with the multiple divisions among the reformed churches worldwide, an effort towards unity seemed important. After many preparatory meetings the Center, along with the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, decided in 1998 to have an office Mission in Unity.

Sometimes the Center is used for international meetings. A week of exchange financed by the US group and organized by the Center. The Center wishes to promote a better understanding between the churches, between youth, between leaders.

The Center was founded in 1953 in order to give an opportunity to students to discover the “city of Calvin” as well as the international organizations established in Geneva. To this effect, many training courses have been given over the years. The Center hopes to be able to renew with this tradition in the years to come.

The programm includes also a contribution to the Witnessing Together in Geneva movement.